Monthly Archives: October, 2009

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The Bull Market in Corporate Bonds

The only place to pick up conservative yield is...

Top 10 Mistakes #5

Entry #5 on my list of the 10 biggest mistakes that investors make is focusing on potential return before risk. I have been in the investment business for over four decades and I can tell you that the most successful investors are those who evaluate risk ahead of return.

Only One Way to Go

The investment environment looks (a) great or (b) grim? Here is my answer.


Almost Half of EV Owners Plan to Switch Back to Gas Powered Cars

Breck Dumas of Fox Business reports that the lack...

Manufacturers Are Selling EVs at a Loss

Ben Glickman of The Wall Street Journal reports that...

Paris, China, the Middle Class and the Luxury Olympics

In a few days, the 2024 Summer Olympics will...

Heat Wave Forces Italy to Turn to French Nuclear Power

Eamon Farhat of Bloomberg reports that Italy has increased...