Monthly Archives: January, 2010

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Pull Your Head Out of the Sand

In a recent speech to the American Economic Association, Fed Chairman Bernanke offered his explanation of the causes of the housing bubble. But Chairman Bernanke has his head in the sand. His explanation of the housing bubble is naive.

Harry Reid’s Resignation?

While today it appears probable that Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) will be defeated in his 2010 bid for reelection, an increasing number of Americans must in fact want to see Senator Reid resign.

Investment of the Decade

The investment of the decade and the exodus from Wall Street…


Almost Half of EV Owners Plan to Switch Back to Gas Powered Cars

Breck Dumas of Fox Business reports that the lack...

Manufacturers Are Selling EVs at a Loss

Ben Glickman of The Wall Street Journal reports that...

Paris, China, the Middle Class and the Luxury Olympics

In a few days, the 2024 Summer Olympics will...

Heat Wave Forces Italy to Turn to French Nuclear Power

Eamon Farhat of Bloomberg reports that Italy has increased...