By Rattanapon @Adobe Stock

Dylan Tokar of The Wall Street Journal reports that USGoBuy has been placed under a three-year export ban after it violated a settlement over rifle scopes the company shipped to China and the Emirates. Tokar writes:

An Oregon freight-forwarder was hit with an export ban in what officials said was a warning to companies to heed restrictions on the shipment of sensitive technologies to countries the U.S. considers threats to national security.

The U.S. Commerce Department said on Monday it was imposing a three-year export ban on USGoBuy after the Portland-based company failed to improve its compliance with U.S. export-controls laws following a 2021 settlement. Under that agreement, the department had agreed to forgo any immediate ban—pending compliance improvements at the company. […]

The problems continued even after the audit, BIS said on Monday. In late 2022, the Department of Homeland Security’s investigations branch intercepted a package of an export-controlled item being sent to USGoBuy’s Oregon warehouse.

To test the company’s compliance procedures, BIS said agents removed the unidentified item and placed conspicuous labels on the box stating that an export-control license was required. Despite the labels, USGoBuy reshipped the dummy package to China the same day it was received, the bureau said.

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