By Jozsef Bagota @

Below are updated coronavirus stats through yesterday. The good news is, South Korea has continued to keep new case growth at a manageable level and there are signs Italy’s lockdown has slowed the growth in new cases. There is also reporting that Italy may only be testing the sickest patients which is good and bad. Bad because the growth numbers may be skewed, but good because it means the fatality rate of the virus in Italy would be much, much lower than is being reported.

The other potentially good news in Italy is that recovered patients should start to build quickly over the next week which may relieve some of the stress on the country’s health care system.

Growth in U.S. cases continues at a troubling rate, but we are still working through a backlog of tests. The Coronavirus Task Force has indicated we should be through the backlog later this week. Germany, France, and Spain still have case growth that needs to slow. The Nordics look to be in better shape than the rest of Europe at this stage.

Country Daily Case Growth Rates