Originally posted on September 5, 2017.

After a nearly 40-year sabbatical, I am pleased to announce that a newly reconfigured Young’s World Money Forecast is set for its revival. Investors will have a cutting-edge, unique global investment tool that they can draw upon daily.

If your life savings, your business pension fund, or your company IRA program is based on the historical research, writing and advice from Dick Young, you will be off and running with Young’s World Money Forecast (YWMF) back on your side.

YWMF is aimed at investors like you who hold dividends, interest, and compounding front and center in the investing process. I will continue to be on your side as I have been for so many international and domestic investors since my initial YWMF days in 1978. I want you to feel like you are part of an exclusive investment club.

My research and writing for the past 50 years has been built on the twin powerhouse, high-octane engine of inference reading and boots-on-the-ground anecdotal evidence gathering. In 1992, when Debbie and I bought our first legendary Big Twin Harley Davidsons, much of my anecdotal evidence gathering was conducted on two wheels. After 120,000+ miles and more than 25 years on the roadways and byways of North America, we have put the kickstands down on our Harleys for the last time. (They will be auctioned off sometime this fall for a charity event that supports Wounded Warriors.)

Since 2010, Debbie and I have moved much of our anecdotal evidence gathering to Europe, centering on twice-annual research trips in Paris.  We just returned from a two-week sweep through France, the Baltics, Scandinavia, and St. Petersburg, Russia. Talk about a shocker of a trip, which I’ll get into in my upcoming e-missives. It ain’t what you read.

To receive an instant announcement of the eagerly awaited return of Young’s World Money Forecast, click here. And, of course, you are under no obligation or risk. We do not release our roster of names of club members to anyone—ever. After all, that’s the advantage of a private investment club—integrity and privacy.

Membership in Dick Young’s unique club for serious international investors will cost nothing—not today or ever. Why is that? Because there’s nothing I love more than researching and analyzing for our investment management company on the ramifications global affairs and politics have on safe, sensible investing. What I hate more than anything is the hype, unethical advice, and pie-in-the-sky greed foisted on investors.

You have been with me for many years, if not decades, and I appreciate the thoughtful notes I’ve received over the course of our time together, especially recently with my retiring from writing Richard C. Young’s Intelligence Report. I thank each of you.

I am inviting you to join my exciting new investment project. After 40 years, it’s liberating not to be tied down to a monthly deadline with its archaic snail-mail delivery system and resulting delay. From the time I finished writing and the publisher fact-checked, formatted, and sent the issue to the printer, it took nearly two weeks before subscribers received IR.

With YWMF, you’ll get the latest in my thoughts on world affairs/investments as they happen. It’s just that easy. And I nearly forgot to mention, in this escalating age of social media and Internet intrusion, you’ll never see an outsider’s annoying pop-up ad/video/jiggling whatever on my new YWMF website. No outsiders allowed!

Welcome aboard.

Warm regards,