Yes, money can buy you happiness. How? By working for it. Not wishing and hoping the market does it for you. Your most productive asset is yourself. Think about the market as a way to keep what you’ve made. You work too hard for your money to lose it. And when you consider how important your money is to your family’s freedom, you can’t afford to take risks.

Listen, I’m the weatherman, not the weather. When T-Bills blow around like dust bunnies on a wood floor, you need to invest accordingly. Who else do you know that’s writing to you about this? You know I’m Your Survival Guy, not someone else’s. I want you to realize the success you deserve. The first step is realizing this is a scorched earth interest rate environment.

Action Line: If you need help building a retirement plan in today’s scorched earth interest rate environment, I would love to talk with you. Until then, stick with me by clicking here to sign up for my free monthly Survive & Thrive letter. I’ll motivate you to get serious about the dreams of success you have for yourself and your family.

Originally posted on Your Survival Guy