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Coronavirus Infects Stock Market: Part XLV

Your Survival Guy was recently asked how I would protect my family if a gang showed up at my door (answer below), which leads me to wonder: Where you live may never be more important.

Elon Musk has had it with California. Put me in jail, he says, but don’t think I’m letting my business die without a fight.

How hard would it be for you to move to a Red state? I’m not saying you do it now, but in prep for the next unforeseen event you might want to think about it.

Would being in a Red state improve your situation? We might find out, as guys like Musk take Blue states to task in court. Great. Let other people’s money show you the way.

Look at the pension debt of the big bad Blue states. There’s no doubt in my mind they’ll use this virus as an excuse for their fiscal malfeasance.

When they assume the federal government will bail them out, what does that make you and me? Ass-ets to be taxed. Speaking of taxes, you realize Amazon pays next to nothing, right?

Amazon employs 800,000 give or take. This virus has wiped out 30 million-plus jobs. That’s nearly 40 Amazons based on employees. Many of those jobs are never coming back because of companies like Amazon.

What will the fall look like if schools are closed? What if they open? How will first graders deal with wearing face masks at recess?

How about the parent who can’t let little Johnny out of the house without a panic pre-virus? Will schools follow the demands of the squeaky, fearful parent? A friend of mine with two grade-schoolers is considering a gap year for his family’s sanity.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos considers his many businesses as flywheels: when they’re really humming, they work on their own economy. Now we have governors gone wild, who can jam their foot in the economy and shut the whole thing down.

In Newport, R.I., the governor works the reception desks. Hotels are up in arms because out-of-state guests need to quarantine for two weeks. That flywheel is busted.

If Musk ramps up production of Teslas, who will buy them?

As for your Survival Guy’s home protection plan? “I’d suggest that vacant Airbnb down the street.”

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