Patience, dear reader. Easy to write. Harder to do. With so much going on this week: the Super Bowl, Tucker’s interview with Putin, China’s deflationary death spiral, the border, Trump/Biden, three-hour podcasts, AI, and Iran, to name a few—How is one to focus on their future?

Let’s talk about podcasts for a moment. Your Survival Guy listened to most of Joe Rogan’s podcast with Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. It was over three hours. Rogan does an incredible job engaging his guests and being engaged. I think he does at least one interview a day. He patiently digs in deeper and deeper, allowing guests to reveal more of themselves. And his long conversational interview format turns off the noise for guests and gets them to share their deep knowledge with Rogan’s audience in a way that’s not possible on the sound-bite news.

In the Wall Street Journal, you read how an OK economy feels like a recession. This is where the rubber meets the road because it doesn’t matter if inflation is slowing down, it has already done its damage with new price levels across the most important areas of life.

If you live within your means, save ‘til it hurts, and invest to keep what you make, you control areas that are in your control. Here’s my advice for today: Do not look for markets to do something for you. Continue to ask what you can do for yourself. You need to be your number one advocate. Block out the noise. Dig deep. Focus on your long-term plan. You can do this.

Which brings me to my March RAGE Gauge. It’s not pretty out there, but it isn’t the worst we’ve seen. Americans are on edge, but there are pockets of optimism, too. Anyone focused on their long-term plan is undoubtedly in better shape than those who get caught up in the noise.

Action Line: Turn off the noise. Take a crash course on my three favorite letters: Y-O-U. Make a habit of it. If you want to tell me your story, I’m listening.

Originally posted on Your Survival Guy