By Achira22 @Adobe Stock

Sebastian Herrera and Shen Lu or The Wall Street Journal tell their readers that Shein and TikTok are expanding in Amazon’s backyard and recruiting its employees. They write:

Fast-fashion company Shein and TikTok’s shopping unit are expanding in’s territory, seeking to poach Amazon’s employees and building out workspaces in the same Seattle-area office tower.

The two companies are bolstering their staff at a 22-story tower near Seattle known as the Key Center, and both are recruiting current and former Amazon employees as they expand their U.S. logistics and supply-chain operations. […]

In December, Amazon sharply reduced the fees it charges merchants that sell clothes below $20, a move industry analysts saw as a response to the popularity of Shein and Temu. In a statement about the fee changes, Amazon said it sought to “help drive and incentivize even greater selection for customers and competitive prices.”

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