Do you want to bring Paris/France to your kitchen? As you know, from here, here, and here, Your Survival Guy spends plenty of time there. And one of the drawbacks comes when the Amex bill comes due. Kidding (sort of). No, it’s when I’m back home dreaming about some of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had, and they’re thousands of miles away.

When it comes to chicken, two specific dishes stand out the most in Paris/France: One, the chicken served at Paris’s most controversial restaurant, L’Ami Louis, where you want it served with potatoes. And the other is at Le Bistro at L’Hôtel de Beaune, where it’s served tableside and you simply point to the pieces fit for a king.

Chicken at L’Ami Louis
Chicken at L’Ami Louis
Potatoes at L’Ami Louis
Your Survival Guy and Gal at L’Hôtel de Beaune.
L’Hôtel de Beaune.

Your Survival Guy’s been trying to replicate those bites. It’s no easy task. Lucky for us, there are entrepreneurs like Ariane Daugin to help turn Saturday night into an evening abroad. Your first step, well before you decant that special bottle of Gevrey, is to go to your nearest grocer that carries her D’Artagnan chicken.

Daugin, remembering what it was like to eat at her grandmother’s table, takes her chickens seriously—almost like a religion—as you’ll see below. Once a little startup company, D’Artagnan now employs 170 and has 4,000 accounts. It shouldn’t be too hard to find D’Artagnan in your neck of the woods.

Enjoy Daugin’s story as told by the one and only Mike Rowe—of “Dirty Jobs” fame—on his new show “Somebody’s Gotta Do It.”

Bon appetit!

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