Blue Origin test fires a powerful new hydrogen- and oxygen-fueled American rocket engine at the company’s West Texas facility. Photo: NASA/Lauren Harnett

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ rocket company, Blue Origin, signed a deal for multiple launch contract in the private sector. I like their coat of arms, the tortoise, especially how it relates to compound interest. “I like to do things incrementally,” Bezos remarked during Tuesday’s Satellite 2017 Conference in Washington, The New York Times reports. His company’s motto, “gradatim ferociter,” means “Step by step, ferociously. Patrick Reilly writes of this philosophy at The Christian Science Monitor:

Eutelsat rewarded this approach in its decision to grant Blue Origin the contract. While the company has launched satellites with SpaceX in the past, Eutelsat’s chief executive, Rodolphe Belmer, suggested that Blue Origin’s slow and steady approach better aligns with that of his company.

“Blue Origin has been forthcoming with Eutelsat on its strategy and convinced us they have the right mindset to compete in the launch service industry,” Mr. Belmer said in a press release. “Their solid engineering approach … corresponds to what we expect from our industrial partners.”

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