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You read here about my concerns with the big three and how much Vanguard has changed from the Jack Bogle and Richard C. Young’s Intelligence Report years.

There was a time when Vanguard was the number one recommended mutual fund firm in Intelligence Report. When founder Jack Bogle was exiled far, far away from the decision-makers—in an annex away from the C-suites at the Valley Forge, PA campus—change was in the air.

Why? Follow the money. More streams of income were needed as Bogle’s wildly successful product—the passive index fund—became a commodity, and the push for a higher fee advisory business took flight.

Here’s my concern with investors well into their retirement: As we get older, dealing with websites, trying to print out our statements, and other tasks, become a massive chore.

Look at any of the big three and their websites, and you’re bombarded with the green movement, ESG, and DEI. The push to move you to electronic delivery is fierce. Not that it’s a problem, but come tax time, when patience is short, you just want your reports now.

Sounds to me like the confusion this creates is on purpose.

Why do they make you more dependent on them? As if investing isn’t scary enough, they want you to think, “I can’t do this anymore. I need help.” Being needy and frustrated is never a good feeling, but it’s especially bad when money is involved.

Sometimes, you need Your Survival Guy—a field guide who understands what it takes to get you on the right track and keep you there. You spent your life working to have the retirement you deserve. You don’t want another job. This shouldn’t be left for the self-checkout lane. It’s your life, after all, not theirs.

Action Line: When you’re ready to discuss your retirement life, I’m here. But only if you’re serious.

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