By Anastasiia @Adobe Stock

Geoffrey Morgan and Jacob Lorinc at Bloomberg report that uranium is up 233%, revealing the speed at which the world is embracing nuclear power once again. They write:

Along the western edge of Canada’s Saskatchewan province, by a bend in a lake ringed by endless stands of black spruce, a small outpost has been carved out of the forest to mark what just might be the hottest new mining project on Earth today.

It is a desolate, unforgiving spot.

Even in April, the snow is still caked hard to the ice that coats the lake. Bone-chilling winds howl day and night. And there are no towns or villages or, for that matter, signs of life at all — beyond the occasional black bear or wolf — within a 50-mile radius.

What Saskatchewan has, though, is uranium. Lots of uranium. […]

Curyer still finds it hard to believe he’s in charge of what will be, if all goes according to plan, the world’s top-producing uranium mine. He remembers how investors would tease him, even after those drill holes confirmed how much uranium was under the lake. “People used to say to me, ‘How’s it feel having the world’s best discovery in the world’s worst market?”’

Curyer’s hopeful he’ll get the final permit he needs to build the mine by the end of this year. If not, then early 2025. Shovels will go in the ground, he says, the following week.

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