Despite all the attention being given to electric vehicles, American gasoline demand has just hit an all-time high. Bloomberg‘s Mike Jeffers reports:

Gasoline supplied in the U.S. hit a record high going back to 1990 during the week leading to the July 4th holiday weekend.

A proxy for demand, gasoline supplied rose to 10 million barrels a day the week ended July 2, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Market watchers were eagerly awaiting this week’s figures to see whether demand for the fuel has fully recovered from the pandemic. The inflection point underscores how dramatic the comeback has been in one of the world’s largest fuel-consuming nations as lockdowns ease and people take to the roads again.

The rebound, along with limited supply increases from the world’s largest producers, has propelled pump prices to the highest since 2014 and raised inflationary alarm bells in Washington.