If you had to own just one mutual fund, which one should it be? My answer is Vanguard Wellesley.

In 2011, I coined the phrase “Sleep Well-esley at Night” to capture the safety first, survivalist manner of this balanced fund. A must have for you and your family. Since then we’ve made a lot of money together with the fund.

It’s not an exciting fund. After all, close to two-thirds of the Vanguard Wellesley fund is in bonds. The rest is in stocks.

But Vanguard Wellesley pays you a decent wage while you work through this market. It yields 2.74%.

Sure there’s stocks or mutual funds that might be having more fun than Vanguard Wellesley. But those stocks—like a three year old running from you with an ice-cream cone—don’t always have a happy ending.

But, man, is it hard to deal with the laughing.

Such is the path for Vanguard Wellesley. A fund that’s left picking up the mess—putting up with the laughter—taking the road others don’t have time to consider.

But for the person who can handle the slow and steady road to wealth, the laughter is worth the wait. Because it’s those who laugh now who often realize how painful it is to lose. A realization that comes too late.

Vanguard Wellesley is a sleep well at night fund. You have to protect your portfolio from surprises. Who else is going to clean-up the mess?