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You’ve read Your Survival Guy’s 10 Most Popular Survival Posts of 2019, and Your Survival Guy’s 10 Most Popular Money Posts of 2019. Here are Your Survival Guy’s 10 Most Popular Advanced Weapons Systems of 2019.

  1. Secretly Closing the Gap in the Air-to-Air Missile Race
  2. New Secret Weapon is Like Dropping Anvils on Terrorists Heads
  3. The IRS is Coming after Your IRA with this Hidden Tax
  4. The Rich and Famous: How to Invest Like Jay Leno
  5. Russia’s Next Generation Stealth Bomber May Never Take Flight
  6. CHAMP: The Microwave Bomb that can Win a Battle With No Casualties
  7. What Happens When a Defense Contractor Buys a Luxury Tank Maker?
  8. Navy Wants Mini F-35 Carriers
  9. S-97 Raider Shows off its Maneuverability in Flight Test
  10. How Vulnerable are Vital U.S. Military Systems to GPS Jamming & Spoofing?

Among the most popular weapons systems posts were air-to-air missiles, microwave bombs, and even “luxury” tanks.

You can always keep up with innovations and developments in the world of advanced weapons systems in the Weapons section of Your Survival Guy.

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