You have more opportunities for success today with your 401(k) than ever before. The reason why is that more and more plans are offering a managed account option. A managed account is one for which you can hire a professional to do the investing for you. No more worrying about what funds to buy or getting hit by big mistakes.

The biggest mistake I see is  that too many young professionals have their 401(k) invested in their company stock. I like the confidence—I realize it’s hard to diversify (sell company stock) when you believe in your company—you should believe in your company.

But that doesn’t mean having all of your retirement savings invested in your company stock is the right move. A seasoned professional can help.

“More people are looking for do-it-for-me solutions,” says Fidelity’s Sangeeta Moorjani. And that’s where an investment advisor can come in and help you manage your 401(k).