Have you ever skied at night? The guys over at Sweetgrass productions have. They did it to promote Phillips Ambilight TV. As you will see, the snowflakes glow in the dark.

Isn’t it amazing how every snowflake is different? You may have had this conversation before with a friend or loved one sitting on a chairlift folded into yourself for warmth. It hits home when you’re staring at each unique crystal land on your gloves and melt. Then you look up and all you see is the same color of white blowing across the mountain.

The art that is each tiny little snowflake is hard to comprehend. As I’ve written to you before, investing is more art than science. It’s the art that’s the hard part. Like snowflakes no two investors are the same. But what binds us together is the desire to have peace of mind.

I’m reminded almost daily about the importance of peace of mind when I read Richard Russell’s blog or his Dow Theory Letters. He’s 90 years old and writes with the same enthusiasm and interest he did 50 years ago.

Guess what Russell is writing about lately? Peace of mind. After all these years of studying charts and graphs he’s writing about peace of mind.

Peace of mind is pretty simple to understand. But having it when you need it most isn’t easy to do. Think about what Russell has learned through all these years. Hopefully it won’t take you as long to see the light.