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On Wall Street, traders and speculators are closing their doors. The Wall Street Journal’s Rachael Levy recently reported:

Boston-based hedge fund Frontlight Capital LP is shutting after fewer than three years in operation, people familiar with the matter said.

Four other hedge funds earlier this month announced they were closing, as investors re-evaluate a once-highflying industry plagued by weak returns.

Through September of this year, Frontlight’s fund, Frontlight Enhanced Macro Master Fund I, LP, lost 4.17%, according to a document reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. The fund lost 5.6% last year. The firm managed about $280 million, the document said.

Such speculators have no use for the ONLY three components of investor success I care about, and you should care about too.

  1. Cash flow
  2. Compounding and
  3. Patience

Over the long term (patience) always leads to capital appreciation. ALWAYS.

Follow the cash, and compounding and time will allow the power of cash to steadily and relentlessly pull capital appreciation forward.

Stick with cash flow always.

Trading, and speculating that there will be a greater fool available to sell your shares to in the future is what has driven these hedge funds out of business. Don’t make the same mistake, focus on my three components for success.

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