By Dmytro Zinkevych @

Being disciplined is tough. It often entails doing stuff you don’t want to do. Exercise and eating right are at the top of the list. Your career and saving money? Yup. Compounding money? Check. But what about retirement investing? Yes. Most definitely. But here’s the kicker. After years of doing what’s right, you’d think it would get a little easier. It doesn’t.

When it comes to money and taking care of it like you would a loved one, it doesn’t get easier with age. It gets tougher and tougher.

The pre-retirement years are brutal. “Will we have enough to live on for the rest of our lives?”

The retirement years are even more difficult. “How will we recover from the losses?”

And on and on it goes. “How will we handle our estate?”

That last one’s a kicker. In my experience, the closer you are with your family, the easier estate planning becomes. It’s really that simple. Giving away money when no one gets along is a complete nightmare.

Action Line 1: No one can ever afford to lose money. Treat your money like a loved one, and you’ll understand how vital it is to keep it safe. And don’t believe the huckster telling you about a great new scheme and how “This time it’s different.” It’s usually not.

Action Line 2: When you’re ready to talk, and you’re serious, let me know.

Originally posted on Your Survival Guy