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Happy Monday. I want you to take a moment to think about your success. Did you get to where you are by trading stocks? Probably not. But with the market rebounding, “meme stocks” are back. When I think about your successes in life, I think about your family, your business, your career. In other words, you worked to get to where you are today. You didn’t invest in some meme stock, staking your life on some stock symbol. No, you invested in my favorite three letters: Y-O-U.

You, not anyone else, got up to go to work for your family. You put the food on the table. You made sacrifices. And you look back on it all today and wonder how you did it. Somehow you did it all, and you’re more surprised than anyone else at how wealthy you are today. You did it by simply going from A to B every day, and you have the experience from A-Z to show for it.

The easiest way for someone to be separated from their money is to make it too quickly. To think some meme stock is going to make them richer than Croesus. You know the saying, easy come, easy go. It’s hard to take the chips off the table when the money comes so easily. And the next thing you know, it’s gone.

The virtue of making money slowly, over a lifetime, is that you appreciate what it takes to make it. You know what it feels like to struggle. You know what it feels like to meet monthly payments. You know what it feels like when eyes look at you for answers—a lesson that can’t be taught at business school. You either know, or you don’t. Simple.

Action Line: The investor who focuses on stock prices is not an investor. That’s a speculator. An investor is the rare person who understands that value is created with effort and service. That by making someone else’s life better, you improve your own. It’s a formula for success from the beginning of time. It’s not lost on you. Let’s discuss how you got where you are today.

Originally posted on Your Survival Guy