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You are my hero. Not Mr. Market. You invested or saved your first dollar for no other reason than survival—self-protection. I know this because I’m Your Survival Guy. You tell me your stories, and I listen. Rare is the occasion where you went from rags to riches by trading stocks. No, you worked for it.

Your story is one where your back was against the wall, and you needed to survive. You wanted a better life. You needed to raise your family. The part where you thrived came later, often much later. You appreciate what you have now because you know how hard it was to get. “I don’t want to do that again,” you think.

You realize the pain and suffering it took to get to where you are might not be repeatable. You don’t want to start over. And thinking about “investing”—doubling or even tripling your money—fills the mind. On whose dime? Mr. Market doesn’t care about dreams.

When an individual makes enough money—where survival is no longer an issue, the pressure is off. The birds are singing, and the flowers smell nice. And the thinking about money shifts. It’s no longer about survival, it’s about how much easier “my” life could be if… and hope fills the air. But Mr. Market isn’t concerned about your hopes or with making your dreams come true. He’s just Mr. Market.

Action Line: Understanding your way to wealth and keeping it are two different matters. Survive and Thrive with my monthly letter, and when you’re ready to talk, let’s talk.

Originally posted on Your Survival Guy