By Olivier Le Moal @

Your Survival Guy just finished reading the first draft of a client’s novel written over the last several months. It’s remarkable what she got done in less than a year. As an accomplished writer, she doesn’t need the money. She has plenty of that. But when her daughter suggested she get back into writing, she decided to put pen to paper, and the fun (hard work) began to jump off the pages. How rewarding.

It’s a reminder that it’s never too late to start (or restart) something you’re good at or interested in. You have skills you honed during your career, making you the success you are today. It didn’t happen by accident. It probably didn’t happen overnight, either. It’s worthwhile to remember you did something special.

You can relive the enjoyment of something you’ve already mastered or experience the excitement of beginning something new. Beginners don’t worry about “knowing” something—because they’re just starting out. The most important thing is that you get going. Beating inertia is a terrible foe for one and all, but it’s easier when there’s no pressure.

Action Line: “I’m just starting out” is incredibly freeing. No pressure. Let’s see where it takes you.

Originally posted on Your Survival Guy.