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You want to see Your Survival Guy’s Super States on a buck a day? In my conversation with you yesterday, you said, “Hang on Survival Guy, we just arrived at the RV manufacturing plant in Iowa.” There’s a brief pause, I’m put on speaker, and I hear my client say “OK hon, you can drive. I have him on speaker.” Not knowing their travel plans just yet but knowing they would be available at this specific time, I was curious. “What’s up? Where are you guys?” I asked. “We just picked up an RV,” they said.

“We flew into Minneapolis last night, we’re in Iowa now, and just left the lot. For a dollar a day, we get to help them ‘reposition’ the RV to a dealer in New York. It needs to be there in three weeks. For $21 bucks, we’re going to Nashville, New Orleans, and then tour the Florida panhandle. We’ve always wanted to go there,” she said. “Me too,” I said. “It’s on my bucket list.”

Sure, it’s going to be more than a buck a day when food, gas, etc., are factored in, but I love this plan. If you’re an RVer (I am), this is a perfect way to see the country. What’s better than having an RV? On this trip, they’ll gather on the ground intelligence about places they’ll either want to visit again for extended stays or perhaps own a home after renting for a season. They’ll have a better feel after visiting. I can’t tell you how valuable that is. I remember Becky telling me how for one high school vacation, she joined her mom and dad on a trip out west to visit places to live. Then, on another trip to Florida, they decided to hop in the car to visit Key West for a few days. The rest is history.

If you’re on the hunt, don’t plunk hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home sight unseen like a Zillow jockey. I’m already seeing cracks in prices for properties that have exchanged hands a half dozen times since ’08. In talking with another client, he sold a property in a blue state to buy a lakefront property in one of my Super States.

Don’t forget; inflation can be a killer when it comes to carrying costs. Another client, who decided not to build a second home, tells me he’ll be spending a lot of nights at the Four Seasons before he comes close to the money he would have spent.

Action Line: There’re plenty of ways for you to win the retirement game. Be methodical. Be creative. Find ways to make the right plan for you like my clients are doing. I believe in you. I know you’ll find your way. But only if you’re serious. If you need regular guidance on the best places in America, click here to sign up for my free Survive & Thrive letter. I’ll help you find a better America, today.

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