Secretary Perry meets with Bill Gates on March 20, 2017 at DOE. (PHOTO CREDIT: DOE PHOTOGRAPHER, KEN SHIPP)

Microsoft’s cloud computing service boosted sales in the fourth quarter by 39%. Angus Loten reports at The Wall Street Journal that the company’s success has come from its advantage in understanding large corporations. He writes:

The success rests on its technology, combined with an understanding of complex enterprises’ software needs. The company over a period of decades has developed the ability to understand large corporations. This has enabled Microsoft to develop a range of technologies that allows customers to consolidate their purchases with a familiar source. At the same time, it has stayed technologically competitive.

“Microsoft isn’t just a cloud company,” said Sue Bergamo, chief information officer at digital commerce and marketing company Episerver, a Microsoft client. “They are a partner who works with customers to understand business problems,” she said.

One of Microsoft’s key advantages in the cloud market is an appreciation of the unique tech needs of large organizations, said Tim Crawford, founder and chief information officer of AVOA LLC, a strategic advisory firm.

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