Last week I told you about The Best Table in Newport. After TSK, Chad Hoffer and Tyler Burnley felt Newport needed a good burger joint so they opened up Mission, which in no time created a cult like following. I had that confirmed on a recent trip to Paris, France.

In May, Becky and I visited her parents Debbie and Dick Young who spent the month there. One of the many memorable dinners we had was on the Left Bank at L’Epi Dupin. It was a short walk from our Hotel de L’Abbaye and right near the famous Paris department store Le Bon Marche.

I would have never expected such fine food except that the line outside gave it away.

As soon as we sat down and were talking amongst ourselves a young guy standing nearby and waiting to be seated asked us where we were from. We told him Newport, RI and he asked if we had ever heard of Mission. He was from Maryland but went to Mission while visiting his father who lives in Newport. Talk about a small world.

I’ll have plenty more for you on our incredible vacation in Paris. Our Newport connection at L’Epi Dupin is a nice way to get us started.