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If you’re fairly wealthy, then chances are you have a pile of money you can’t afford to lose. If you’re familiar with Richard C. Young’s Intelligence Report, you know the road to riches is to keep what you make—to focus on the return of assets.

You’re familiar with the yeoman’s work Dick Young provided you with each month, including his recommended stocks on his Monster Master List, select preferred stocks, and zero-coupon bond recommendations, to name a few. Today we’re seeing opportunities in fixed income not seen in a generation.

For how long this opportunity lasts is anyone’s guess. I’m not big on predictions, but if history is any guide, would it be out of the question to wonder if rates will be lower in the future? But that’s not my concern. My concern is to take a look at today’s landscape and say, “Self, I think I’d like to lock in some reasonable yields for a number of years into the future.”

Now, I’m not talking about a mutual fund or ETF. I’m talking about owning individual bonds. I like working with Fidelity. We can help you set up an account in your name, and with our discretionary authority, we can do the investing for you. It’s like a private spa, if you will, not a public pool with jarring whistles echoing in your head.

And here’s the kicker. When it comes to bond mutual funds and ETFs, the selection is as shallow as a kiddie pool. The lack of options makes it difficult to procure a portfolio you can be comfortable with. Instead, you’re in ankle-deep water, hoping you don’t slip and fall and break something. Not fun.

Action Line: Adults don’t belong in the kiddie pool. When you’re ready to talk, I’m here.

Originally posted on Your Survival Guy