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Your Survival Guy thinks:

  • When will Chief Justice Roberts’ Supreme Court protect your Second Amendment rights? Meet the new #1 gun salesman for New York.
  • A judge has ruled that Virginia’s anti-gun governor Ralph Northam overstepped his authority when he shut down gun ranges in the state via an executive order in March.
  • A gun is a shield. It protects you. Has there ever been a more important time to own one?
  • I put a tremendous price on my family’s peace of mind. It’s behind everything I do. Weak gun laws put peace of mind at risk.
  • Blue-chip dividend paying stocks may never look cheaper. Check back with me in a year.
  • Oil prices may never look cheaper. Check back with me in a year.
  • No one knows the future. Better prices mean nothing about tomorrow, especially if you become insolvent.
  • Quick back of the napkin calculation: Start your retirement life on the right foot with this thought exercise. Put your age as a percentage in bonds. Too conservative for you? I’m Your Survival Guy, not your bookie.
  • Consider ways to protect your identity. Bad actors are actively seeking a better life. Don’t let them borrow from yours. My family uses LifeLock.
  • What about stop losses to protect your downside? Don’t think for a second you’ll be first out at your desired price and good luck figuring out when to get back in.
  • Rick Scott, Republican U.S. senator from Florida writes in today’s WSJ: “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said it was “irresponsible” and “reckless” not to bail out states like his, a state with two million fewer people than Florida and a budget almost double the size of ours. The opposite is true. It’s irresponsible and reckless to take money from America’s taxpayers and use it to save liberal politicians from the consequences of their poor choices.”

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