In Springsteen on Broadway now showing on Netflix, Bruce Springsteen talks fondly of a big copper beech tree in front of his childhood home that was a symbol of times when he was able to escape life for a little while and be with his army men and play.

Years later when writing his book, he jumps in his car and goes back to where he grew up and that big ‘ole tree was gone. It’s a powerful segment in his wonderful performance. One that’s still with me and one I think you will love too.

Trees don’t grow to the sky. And sometimes they’re cut down. But in the case of Springsteen, the soul remains.

Recently Vanguard founder Jack Bogle warned that “trees don’t grow to the sky, and I see clouds on the horizon. I don’t know if and when they’ll arrive. A little extra caution should be the watchword.”

When it comes to investing don’t fall in love with trees. They’re too precious to lose.

Originally posted on Your Survival Guy