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In my conversations with you, you voice your concerns about the digitization of the dollar. Clearly, there are publications out there warning the sky is falling. It’s unsettling at best.

Then, over the holidays with your family and friends, you bring up the subject, and the person you’re talking with doesn’t have a clue.

After 12 of the Obama/Biden years, the level of debt wrapped around America’s neck is certainly not pretty and may be at a point of no return. Your Survival Guy is prepared for life to get tricky.

When you see the contrast between my Super States and the Escape States, you don’t need to color inside the lines to recognize we live in two Americas.

States that, for the most part, live and let live, and states that tell you how to live. To illustrate, you have Gov. DeSantis vs. Gov. Newsom front and center explaining two completely different ways of life for you and me.

Your Survival Guy wonders when Newsom will build the wall. Not to protect our southern border. No, to keep California residents from leaving for greener pastures like Texas and Florida. You know, places where, for now, fossil fuels are usable.

Which brings me to the digitization of the dollar. If California is already looking for ways to tax residents after they leave, when will it simply become part of the Fed? When will it no longer be able to make good on its obligations? The most likely answer to that question is “now.” If and when the Fed steps in to bail out the federal government, will it pick winners and losers like it did with the bailout of GM, which went poorly for the investing class?

Action Line: The digital dollar is a GPS collar looking to track defectors. It’s the extension of the virtual Panopticon to track Americans and redistribute their wealth. To follow them like a trapper would his prey. That doesn’t have a good ending for the prey. Subscribe here to Survive & Thrive.

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