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For over four decades, I have offered strategies and insights to help individual investors like you. My primary goal, whether in my monthly strategy reports, at investment seminars, or for current clients of my money management firm, has been helping investors achieve long-term investment success.

What you buy, what you sell, what price you pay, and which strategies you pursue all matter for your investment success, but they aren’t the most important steps in the process. Focusing first on what the “good buys” are is putting the horse before the cart.

What’s your goal? First define what investment success means to you and your family. Next, determine how much risk you can or want to take in your portfolio to achieve that goal.

Does investment success mean doubling your money in five years, even if that requires a portfolio with neck-snapping volatility and nights awake in a cold sweat? Or are you like me—a more patient investor who is more interested in preserving wealth and letting the power of compounding work its magic over time?

Ask yourself how much risk you can take or want to take.

The success I want you to embrace comes from compounding and patience. I invest guided by the principles embraced through the decades by Benjamin Graham, Walter Schloss, and David Dreman.

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