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There’s nothing wrong with incremental growth. It keeps you focused day in and day out so you don’t lose sight of the prize. With that said, let’s focus on what you can do today.

Look, I’m Your Survival Guy, not Robert Frost—I don’t need to take the road less traveled when the one before me is smooth and well-maintained. I don’t need to be a hero when I’m simply going for a walk—one step in front of the other. I like the routine. Your kids and grandkids might, too, if you get them on the road to wealth early in life. Leave the adventure stuff to other areas of life—my money is on the slow and steady in winning the race.

And let’s not confuse a race with rushing around with no direction home. You still have time to gift $16,000 (2022) exempt from taxes (also doesn’t go against the $11.58 million individual lifetime gift tax exemption; $23.16 million for couples) to each loved one. That’s a lot of money to let hibernate until the cubs get old enough to start thinking about helping their family. The key is to beat inertia and get going.

Action Line: I know the perfect guy who would love to talk with you.

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