Becky and me in Park City, Utah.

If you’ve been with me during this crisis, then chances are your investments are in good shape. I can’t guarantee it, but I can guarantee you’re smiling inside when someone asks how your portfolio is doing.

We all know the guy who tells you he sold at the top and waited out the bottom. That guy, however, still has to figure out when to get back in (if he was ever in, to begin with).

As far as I’m concerned, he would have been better off collecting dividends and reinvesting them at lower prices and perhaps picking up some cheap, high-income bonds.

It’s because of times like these that you’re with me. I care about you but have no time for the guy I described above. If a loved one expresses concern about their situation, you want to help. You always want to help someone you care about. Remember, every stock needs to have a reason for being in your portfolio.

I think of you when I look around at this speculative craze. Is it time for us to talk? Only you know if a serious talk will help with your financial planning. I would love to help you. Let’s have that talk. The calm of a storm is fleeting. Don’t miss this boat. If you’re serious, and only if you’re serious, about your financial situation and your family’s financial and personal security, subscribe to my monthly Survive and Thrive newsletter by clicking here.

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Originally posted on Your Survival Guy