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Your Survival Guy wants to work with you. If you’re not already a customer and have half a million in savings and investments, then you’re good to go. Half a million sounds like a lot, and it is, especially when it comes to trusting someone you’ve never met to handle it for you.

But that’s not us. We know each other, or at least you know me from and my monthly letter to you, Survive and Thrive. (If you’re not already a subscriber, sign up here to get to know me better.)

We all have some lazy cash hanging around doing nothing, just taking up space. Look, when banks are paying pennies on the dollar, you need to consider making a change. And I’m no fan of CDs. Once you start doing the mental math of adding up your IRA, your spouse’s, the Roths, plus all those other brokerage accounts scattered around like misfit toys—you realize you’re richer than you might have thought.

Action Line: Don’t miss the boat in 2023. Let’s get together.

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