When you finished reading Richard C. Young’s Intelligence Report, above the P.S., P.P.S., and P.P.P.S, he always signed off “Make It A Good Month.” Short, yes. Sweet? Eh, not so much. If you know Dick Young like I do, self-reliance is a way of life. Count on yourself and you’ll be just fine, or you won’t. It’s not up to him. Got it? Merry Christmas.

In Dick’s piece at richardcyoung.com How Do You Protect Your Brain from Inflammation? Dr. David Perlmutter discusses how the food (you could replace the word food with investment) industry stacks the cards against the consumer and how difficult it is to make good decisions and stick with them. Why is it so difficult when the desire to do right is clearly there? Dr. P references Yoda to explain (minute 8:45 below):

Action Line: When it comes to investing hope is not a strategy. Try not. Do or do not. There is no try. Make it a good Christmas and New Year.