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Your freedom is under assault in Rhode Island. Last year the state passed three anti-gun laws, including the ban on large capacity magazines—ones holding more than ten rounds. The law will not reduce gun violence, nor will it prevent mass shootings.

Bad guys, deranged guys, looking to do harm, will break the law and get their high-capacity mags. Law abiding citizens who own these magazines have become felons overnight because the grace period expired in December. Now they can face up to five years in prison or a fine of up to $5,000—for doing nothing.

Your government at work for you. Wow.

“Road Diets”

Think about what’s going on in blue states and most cities in red or blue ones, where cars are being squeezed out of town. It’s another assault on your freedoms, just like taking your guns. Try finding a parking spot in Newport. Environmental crusaders looking to make the automobile as inconvenient as possible for Americans have turned two lanes into one in certain spots, intentionally creating blockages. “Take the bus,” they say. Sure. This is a purposeful move to ban cars from downtown.

The same is happening in Boston, where entire lanes are now off limits to cars. They call these measures where taxpayers are banned from using the roads they paid for “road diets.” Buses have them all to themselves. Just don’t try and catch one, or you’ll be run down. Maniacs behind the wheel.

The limit on rounds in a magazine is a shot across the bow. The anti-fossil fuel, anti-car crusaders want you on that bus or riding an electric bike, or driving an electric car (if at all) and not being able to defend yourself against bad actors. To them, the limitations on your life are endless. When they can control how far you can travel without a vote, this is a big deal.

The more they take, the more they take.

Action Line: Look for your Super State today while you still can. Explore what’s out there in your gas-powered car. This isn’t going to get any easier.

Originally posted on Your Survival Guy.