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Good riddance, the end of Covid-19 is here. Don’t confuse the end of COVID with the end of medical tyranny, government lockdowns, and other infringements on your freedom—they’re here to stay. That is, if we allow them to rule with the constantly politicized “science.” It’s probably no shock to you, Your Survival Guy reader, that they did this with such ease—a mass inoculation on a scale never before seen in history. You were on the pulse from the very beginning with my COVID series:

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And did mass inoculation work for one and all, even those never at risk of dying? Was the inoculation a lifesaver from big pharma, or simply a money grab? Isn’t it worth noting this report? John Hilton writes at

There was an expectation by life insurers that COVID-19 deaths would decline as vaccination rates increased throughout 2021.

That has not happened.

In a shocking twist, mortality rose sharply, and many insurers are recalibrating their actuarial projections.

“Based upon our analysis of [Centers for Disease Control] national data, there has been a 40% increase in death rates for individuals age 18 to 64 years old across the U.S. when comparing Q3 2021 data to pre-pandemic data from the same period in 2019,” said Jonathan D. Neal, spokesman for OneAmerica.

The impact for OneAmerica totals more than $100 million in group life insurance and disability claims for 2020 and 2021, Neal added — roughly $35 million and $80 million, respectively.

“We’re seeing right now the highest death rates we have ever seen in the history of this business,” J. Scott Davison, the CEO of OneAmerica, said during an online event last month.

A teachable moment? Hardly. Show your papers or no entry for you was the cadence at restaurants—the ones that weren’t forced by government-mandated shutdowns into bankruptcy, that is. Wear a mask or else. Humane treatment? Forget it.

Does anyone in power speak to this? No. Are they protecting us? No. Are they hoping the non-believers are replaced by the influx of illegals from the southern border? How did schools get away with muzzling kids and grandkids for years—the most important learning years of their lives—without a fight? The compliance is breathtaking. What will the future be like when masks won’t be a big deal to this generation when they’re adults? “Mask up or else” will be no big deal. Scary.

Has there been a more pressing moment for our republic (it’s not a democracy)? There’s a reason Your Survival Guy writes to you about your family’s focus on self-reliance in all matters of personal and financial security. It’s my day job to invest and to protect your savings. And it’s done with the thoughtfulness and care you deserve. Find your state of freedom now.

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P.S. The people of the West are tired of being played by their leaders. They’ve been harassed with medical tyranny, beaten, and abandoned by law enforcement when they need it most.

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