By 2ragon @Adobe Stock

Megha Mandavia of The Wall Street Journal is reporting that in the troubled waters of the Panama Canal, gas carriers—and their investors—are reaping bumper profits. Winter fuel prices could get a little wacky. She writes:

Climate change may be making winters more unpredictable. It could make your winter heating bills more unpredictable too, particularly if you live at the end of long and vulnerable fuel supply chains.

The price of liquefied petroleum gas, a significant U.S. export, has rocketed higher recently in Asia, a remarkable development given that crude oil prices have been falling. Prices for Brent crude, the main global benchmark, are down about $9 a barrel, or about 10%, since mid-September. But Asian propane LPG prices are lower only by 3%, data from Argus Media shows, trading around $665 per metric ton in late November. […]

Investors have grown used to thinking of supply chain snarls as mainly a pandemic-era problem. But unpredictable weather could increasingly reshuffle winners and losers in an array of sectors in the years ahead too. Just ask anyone in the LPG market.

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