The Federal Reserve seems to feel inflation is under control. But those of us living in the real world know it’s far from under control. Have you tried buying an airline ticket lately? Even the airlines that are “bankrupt” or close to it are charging a fortune. Enjoying the holidays together isn’t cheap, especially if you like to eat.

If you like being comfortable inside your home as opposed to shivering uncontrollably or sweating profusely, then you know utility costs aren’t getting cheaper either. Consider how much you’ve spent in the past 10 years alone, never mind your lifetime. The golden years are dear.

On the rare occasion you can save a couple bucks, you then have the joy of investing it or lending it to the government. They pay you 1.6% a year for 10 years before inflation. What a deal. It’s like having a table full of Federal Reserve and Treasury staff eating roast duck in front of your roaring fire, with all the windows open, during a snowstorm, while you’re outside with a can of sardines. And then they ask for more revenue.