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If you want to reach a certain “number” in savings when you retire, my best advice is to harness the tools available to you like the 401(k). If you have access to one, then I want you to try and do everything you can to max it out: Save ‘til it hurts, especially when you’re young.

When I worked at Fidelity Investments back in the mid-90s I had a front-row seat—literally—to the explosive growth of the 401(k). Every time there was a spike in the volume of calls, my group was brought in to help “man” the phones. As a phone rep, I was taking orders left and right for all types of buy/sell requests, what percentage of a paycheck to save, and safe harbor distributions, to name a few.

When it comes to your money, you need to stay on it like a parent caring for a child. Over time, these plans can collect dust and get a little lazy. And you know how I feel about getting your lazy cash off the couch. It’s too valuable to collect dust.

Action Line: If you have a 401(k) just sitting around collecting dust, it’s time to take a closer look at what it’s doing for you. I’m here to help if you need to talk with someone about the ins and outs of doing a rollover. Let’s get that lazy cash working.

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