Yesterday, a Wednesday in May, clients were in town. The Mooring restaurant in Newport, RI, was packed. I looked to see if there was a graduation. No, just a nice day. Imagine what 4th of July, the official start of summer in Newport, is going to look like.

As an aside, I checked out Clarke Cooke House after my meeting to book a table for any Friday or Saturday night. No go. They’re booked well into June—as far out as Resy was accepting them. Better call direct.

How about the dining experience? Yesterday, excellent. But, on a recent trip to Boston, we learned you need to guard your table like a hawk as servers swoop in to take your scraps and move you along before the 90-minute Covid seating restriction expires. Time’s a tickin’. And then, when dinner’s over, as if in a Fauci fairytale 8:15pm is the new midnight. There’s nowhere to go.

The next night, Your Survival Guy, seated for dinner at 5:30 because it’s all they had, decided he wasn’t going to be pushed around anymore. That was until the manager decided to kick us to the street because we were way past the Covid time limit. With not a cab in sight or a striking Uber on my app, we walked back to the hotel.

Surviving the Four Season’s Hotel Boston.

Thinking about what’s here to stay and what’s not feels like a fool’s errand. Stock prices are high, real estate is booming, restaurant tabs are a fortune (as are hotel rooms), lumber prices are way up, and anything else you can imagine. But there’s no inflation, right?

Fear of missing out raises prices for “must have” starter, and “rare” vacation, homes, as well as for 1031 exchanges up against deadlines. Anecdotally, where cooler heads prevail, a successful business owner/client tells me he saw three projects canceled last week alone because the numbers didn’t work. Remember them?

Speaking of higher prices, tell that to the Boston Globe breathlessly reporting on the exciting (to them) approval of a wind farm off Martha’s Vineyard loaded with Biden government subsidies. Green light.

Action Line: Green light, red light. Who knows which one is next? Secure your future where your money is treated with the respect it deserves. Your spot awaits. But only if you’re serious.

Your spot awaits. But only if you’re serious.

Originally posted on Your Survival Guy.