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Uber Eats is partnering with Serve Robotics to expand its use of delivery robots from 100 in Los Angeles to 2,000 in cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. SupplyChainDive’s Max Garland reports:

The expansion of Uber and Serve’s partnership is a big step towards mass commercialization of autonomous delivery via robots, according to Kashani. Scale will be critical to the long-term success of companies in the space, helping them boost their volumes while tapping into efficiencies.

Delivery bot executives say funding has been harder to come by than in years past, which has complicated expansion efforts. Serve’s partnership with Uber, an investor in the company, has been key in growing its delivery activity despite this challenging environment.

The partnership with Uber runs through the beginning of 2026 under its current terms, but Serve expects it to be extended as the expiration nears, Kashani said.

Serve has completed tens of thousands of contactless deliveries in San Francisco and Los Angeles with its self-driving robots, according to Tuesday’s announcement. Deliveries in Los Angeles have seen growth since Serve launched there last year with Uber Eats, and more than 200 restaurants there are now participating.

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