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Benoit Faucon and Warren P. Strobel of The Wall Street Journal tell their readers how Iranian military technology and advisers have aided Houthi attacks in the Red Sea. They write:

Iran is sending increasingly sophisticated weapons to its Houthi allies in Yemen, Western officials and advisers say, enhancing their ability to attack merchant vessels and disrupt international commerce despite weeks of U.S-led airstrikes.

The Houthis, once derided as a ragtag militia operating in Yemen’s arid backcountry, have emerged as one of Iran’s most capable proxies, these officials and analysts say, due to the flow of weapons from Tehran—and their own homegrown ingenuity.

Among other high-end gear, Iran has provided the Houthis with drone jammers and parts for long-range rockets and missiles. The Iranians and their Lebanese Hezbollah allies have sent advisers to Yemen to help the Houthis plan and launch their attacks. […]

The Houthis have at least on one occasion used a missile that was later found in Iran’s arsenal, representing the first known instance of proxy-to-patron ballistic missile proliferation, he said.

“There is evidence to suggest that Yemen is an important battleground for Iranian weapons testing, and potential development,” he said. “Iran has both an arsenal at home and an arsenal in exile.”

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