The 2% Economy

The latest GDP report came out yesterday and it showed economic growth of 2.3% in the second quarter. First quarter GDP was revised up from a drop of .2% to a gain of .6%. Yesterday’s release also … [Read More...]

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Global Currency Wars

The currency wars that the world’s major economic powers are engaged in are not being fought with the same tactics as previous currency wars. There are no tariffs or duties being slapped on foreign produced goods, and you will hear no official policy of currency devaluation from government officials. But don’t let that fool you.


The Happiest Countries in the World

There’s something about the Scandinavian countries. Despite brutal cold and scarce sunshine, the countries at Europe’s northern periphery consistently perform at the top of the world’s happiness rankings. In fact Denmark and Norway were ranked the first and second happiest countries by the World Happiness Report (a U.N. publication). Sweden came in at fifth happiest, followed shortly by Finland at seventh and Iceland at ninth.