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Meghan Bobrowsky of The Wall Street Journal writes, 5G technology is beginning to expand beyond smartphones. She writes (abridged):

The deployment of superfast 5G networks is supposed to usher in a new era for so much more than the smartphone—everything from enhanced virtual-reality videogames to remote heart surgery. That vision has been slow to come into focus, but a first wave of 5G-enabled gadgets is emerging.

Among the first uses of 5G to hit the consumer market is the delivery of home broadband internet service for the ultimate cord-cutters: those looking to not just shed their cable-TV bills but abandon Internet access via wires altogether. Samsung Electronics Co. , for instance, has teamed up with Verizon Communications Inc. to offer wireless 5G routers that promise to deliver at-home broadband access. The router picks up 5G signals just like a smartphone would.

Other consumer devices that have started to come on the market include 5G-compatible laptops from several makers, all of which are faster than other laptops and offer higher-quality video viewing, when connected to a 5G network. (Laptops need to have a 5G chip to make that connection.) […]

“The goal of 5G, when we have a mature 5G network globally, is going to be to ensure that everything is connected to the cloud 100% of the time,” Qualcomm Chief Executive Officer Cristiano Amon said at a conference last month in Germany.

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