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The short answer is, early. The earlier you can start saving for your grandchild, the greater the impact you’ll have on their life.

Take a trip with me. Let’s say you help a grandchild get into the savings game when they’re born by contributing $525 per year to an account you establish for them. (I favor UGMAs for this purpose). You diligently save each year for her first 21 years.

Then when she turns 22, she continues along the same path, saving $525 on her own each year until she’s 64.

Look at my table below to compare her success to someone who begins his investment savings at age 22 at double the savings rate of your granddaughter, saving $1,100 each year. Even though he’s saving twice as much each year, when he turns 64 he’ll have half as much as your granddaughter simply because you helped put time on her side with your early generosity (I’ve used a long-term expectation for stocks of 6% growth per year).

So, how do you save money for your grandchild? Easy, put time on their side.

Originally posted on Your Survival Guy