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Time for a mid-summer announcement. Don’t let your lazy cash get too comfortable. Yes, banks are doing their best to keep it around, but not quite enough. Plus, how safe is anything above FDIC coverage? All is calm for now, but I don’t think we’ve heard the last of it from banks. Get some of that lazy cash working this summer. Get it into my favored Fidelity Treasury Money Market yielding 4.75%.

One of the reasons I like Fidelity’s Treasury Money Market (FZFXX) is because it’s not a cd. It’s not stuck in a CD for days, months, and/or years. It can’t be called away from you, either. If you’re looking for fixed income where you can lock up some yield, I favor short-term treasuries and/or corporate bonds in a bond ladder. And, yes, I know the yield curve is inverted. But I don’t try and predict where rates will be in a year.

I’m Your Survival Guy, not Your Let’s See What Happens Guy. I want your money to survive and thrive. I don’t want you rolling the dice. I want you to have a plan you can live with. The best way to help your retirement game is to protect your principal like it’s a member of your family. This isn’t a game.

Action Line: Saving for retirement is one thing. Investing during retirement is another. You don’t have the luxury of time.

P.S. We have plenty of history with Fidelity Investments:

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