When I was a kid, some of my favorite memories were vacations to Walt Disney World and going on Space Mountain—repeatedly. Then after every ride, I’d stand on the conveyor belt and look at Tomorrowland and think about how cool it would be to someday live in space.

That’s a long time ago now, and here I am writing to you from Earth, still wondering if that will ever happen. Maybe. But a lot of investing days and years have passed since then, and if we could time travel from the 70s, investing in stocks would have been a good move if—and that’s a big if—you had time.


Just like back then, there are plenty of promising ideas that grab the attention—and the money—from investors: television, penny stocks, inflation, market timing, sector bets, crypto, ESG, AI, etc. Sometimes the fastest way to make a million bucks is to start with two. There will always be forces working against the zero-sum game of the trader, the speculator. Speculation, like gravity, can separate you from your money faster than counting down “three, two, one.”

But it would be a mistake to believe stocks are never going to be higher. You need courage to beat inertia, to withstand the turbulence, and remain focused on your flight plan. It’s easy when others are doing worse. It’s harder when they’re telling you about their wins. Investing in the promise of Tomorrowland may not turn out as planned, but having a mission can help you get to where you need to be.

Action Line: When you want help with your Tomorrowland, let’s talk.

A spirit with a vision

Is a dream with a mission


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Originally posted on Your Survival Guy.