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With everything that’s going on in the world today, Your Survival Guy is concerned about your safety. Stuff happens, and before you know it, you’re stuck in the fog. You know from here and here about my own experiences in fog. It happens fast. You deal with it. Because living life on the dock is no way to live. Preparation and experience can help. But at what cost?

You know this market is foggy. You know our government is in debt up to its eyeballs. Remember the government bailout of GM, leaving common shareholders, the investing class, in ruins? The more government creep we have in the marketplace, the more they’ll act like stakeholders picking winners and losers. History shows they’re not too keen on helping everyone. You know what I mean.

But there are steps you can take right now to help fortify your portfolio. To harden your assets. To see if you’re on the right course. To match your risk profile with your investments (harder than you think). Are you investing with risk in mind or hoping stock prices will save the day? To me, depending on prices is not investing, and it’s no way to live.

My back-of-a-napkin test is this: Look at your portfolio in terms of hours of work you’d need to replace it. That’s a long shift, don’t you think? Time can be your enemy.

Action Line: When you start thinking about money in terms of replacement costs, you quickly realize safety needs to be at the top of the list. Inertia is a mighty foe. Don’t put off what you need to do today for your family’s longevity. When you want some help, let’s talk.

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