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As the market fell by 900 points midday yesterday, here’s what you and I were talking about:

  • You called to let me know your son and daughter-in-law are interested in becoming clients, and to expect a call. That call came within the hour. We’re setting up the accounts.
  • You were working on new account paperwork, but you had a question about the transfer process and were emailing me a quick question, then it was off to golf.
  • You emailed me income projections on a spreadsheet for us to review in our next call.
  • You are sending me an account statement to transfer your 403b, and then you’re heading out to go elk hunting over the next few days with your son (even with all the snow and below zero temps. You said it should warm up by Wednesday.)
  • You had a nice visit with family and told me the stark differences in mask wearing protocols between urban and suburban America. We also reviewed an article you sent on shareholder yield. Good article.
  • You are preparing to head to Florida from Jackson Hole for a month or two, and although it’s hard to leave, it will be nice to get some natural vitamin D before ski season.
  • You wanted me to speak with your two adult sons to begin our relationship and continue what you and I have had for the last twenty years plus.
  • You told me about your thriving business in Brooklyn, the ghost town called Manhattan, and the mask-wearing protocol at your country home grocer in PA (you wear it or no soup for you!).
  • You did actually call to talk about the 900 point drop in the market, but just so we could talk about some more aggressive stuff you have outside of what I handle.
  • You wanted to discuss your family’s foundation and ways to extend the payout with a new allocation.
  • One of your three daughters is a farmer and is interested in becoming a client.
  • You took great pleasure in seeing your 49ers beat up on my Patriots.
  • You’ll be inheriting a number of shares and need help transferring to Fidelity.

Just an average day with you, talking about life, while other investors wring their hands about theirs.

Action Line: Did you know getting your finances in order can be as easy as just picking up the phone? I would love to talk with you.

Originally posted on Your Survival Guy.